To add links:
external links - links that go out to the web
  • when on the website you want to link, highlight the address in the address bar and right click to copy it
  • then go to the wiki page you would like to add the link
  • click edit
  • click the cursor where you want the link to be on the wiki page
  • click link
  • type in how you want to reference the link on the wiki page in 'Link Text' cell
  • click the cursor in 'address'
  • click add link
To add a new page:
· This is the page where you can enter your current event.
· Click on the "New Page" in the left column.
  • This will bring up the following:
Page Name

Add Tags
Type a tag name. Press comma or enter to add another.
New Page URL
Create Cancel
  • Add the Page Name...use Class Section, Last Name, First Name and Topic as your Page Name. You do not need to add tags.
  • Then click on Create..
  • After you click create, you will have a page that is similar to a text page.
  • This is where you enter your information.
  • Please write a brief synopsis of what your page is about
  • You may add a link within your page by using the "link" symbol.
  • You may add an image from a file or an external link using the "image" symbol.

Linking your page within the Wiki:
  • I will be responsible for linking your page to this page so that everyone can have access to all created pages.
  • Using the link symbol can also be used to link on page to another page. Go to the page you want to place the link in. Go to the location on that page you would like to place the link. Type a title, highlight the title, click on the link symbol, use the pull down menu on the "Page Name" box, find the page you want to be linked and then click on apply.

Page List - list of all pages created on the wiki: This can only be done by the administrator(s) of the wiki.
  • Go to manage, then pages.
  • Highlight the web address
  • Go to "edit navigation"
  • Create as a link..."external link"
  • Copy web address in, then name and save