Edwin Powell Hubble


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Edwin Hubble was a scientist during the early twentieth century. He created a classification system of the various galaxies based on content, distance, shape, and brightness. Hubble was also responsible for creating a law that was named after him; Hubble's Law. He is considered the father of observational cosmology. The Hubble Space Telescope was named in his honor because of his great scientific achievements.

"Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science."- Edwin Powell Hubble

Early Life

Edwin Powell Hubble was born November 29, 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri. As a child he was fascinated with astronomy. His family moved to Chicago when he was in high school, where he finished the rest of his high school career. He attended the Oxford University to earn a degree in law. He worked as a lawyer in Kentucky in 1913. Hubble returned to college to receive a doctorate in astronomy from the University of Chicago. After receiving his PhD in astronomy Hubble joined the army, serving in WWI.

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Hubble's Law

Hubble's Law states that all galaxies are moving, or receding away from the Milky Way. It was first observed by Hubble in 1929. The phenomenon was observed as a redshift, or radial velocity, of a galaxy's spectrum. The redshift appeared more displaced for galaxies further away. The rate at which a galaxy moves away from our own Milky Way is described by the equation H=v/d. H is the constant, at which the rate of the galaxies recede, d is the galaxy's distance from earth, and v is the radial outward velocity.

"The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons."-Edwin Hubble

  • Hubble was an excellent athlete; setting high school high jump records. He also excelled at boxing and basketball
  • studied at at Yerkes observatory
  • Worked at Mount Wilson Observatory
  • In the army he reached the rank of Major

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