Richard Arkwright (1732-1792)
Early Life
Richard Arkwright was born in 1732
to an extremely large family. His family
was very poor so he had little education
and apprenticed for a barber.

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Sir Richard Arkwright
Sir Richard Arkwright


Spinning Frame
Richard Arkwright along with a
clock maker, John Kay, created the
Spinning Frame. Three rollers on the
machine made yarn of specific
thickness, and spindles twisted the
fibers together. This was improved
from the Spinning Jenny, a machine invented earlier.
Spinning Frame
Spinning Frame

Water Frame
The spinning frame improved the strength
of the yarn, but was too large to power by
hand. Because of this fact, Arkwright had
to power the machine by horses. In 1771 he
powered the spinning frame by using a water
wheel. He set up his invention in a factory in
Cromford, Derbyshire next to a river.

Interesting Facts
  • He was knighted in 1786
  • He eventually lost the patent for the water frame
  • He allowed all cotton materials to be woven for the first time in England
  • Was the first to use the steam engine to power textile machines

Richard Arkwright contributed to the Industrial Revolution
with his important textile inventions. Because
of his work, all cotton material could be woven which greatly
changed the textile business. Factories were also influenced
by his work.

Richard Arkwright's Mill
Richard Arkwright's Mill

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